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By 1973, a whole new internal division was created for the design of television broadcasting equipments (repeaters and transmitters) whose main customer was the national television company RAI. The first television products were based on thermo-ionic tubes though the improvement of solid state technologies soon replaced vacuum tubes. Similar improvements in printed board manufacturing made microstrip circuits a viable solution for increasingly-high microwave frequencies and in 1978 the RT12 radio equipment boasted the first direct-conversion 2.3 GHz synthesized modulator and could aggregate 120 telephone channels. In these years, the company manufactured the historical link to connect the Milan and Rome branches of the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The employees were about a hundred though the company still remained a family-run business lead by the founder and a tight board of managers through the '70s. Computer-aided design of electronic circuits was approached and exploited to improve yield and reduce the design time especially for the critical high-frequency sections.

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