About Us

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is very proud of its highly skilled RF design department and advanced laboratory facilities, with over 25 years experience in microwave circuits productions and high quality thin film customisations. This division is the leader in the production of ceramic, glass, quartz or nitride aluminium substrates using sputtering deposition.

RF Design center stondato con ombra piccolo

VCO, LNC, IF IC, Up & Down Converters all have a highly integrated functionality that have been internally designed using the most advanced semiconductor processes and CAE tools. Overall cost reduction, improved reliability and optimised performance are the driving factors for all of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA's internal MMIC designs. Our ability to conduct the design phase internally enables an easier and faster transition from the prototyping phase to volume production thus reducing the time to market.

Manufacturing stondato con ombra piccolo

Manufacturing in the Technological Department (i.e. clean room area) is based on a modular assembly practice, starting with highly sophisticated automatic bare chip or packaged device attachment to the substrate (both ceramic or soft board) and relative high speed wire or ribbon bonding. For special applications, device attachment can be done through SnAu (or equivalent) eutectic alloy, the module can be hermetically sealed and subsequently 100% tested for gross and fine leakage.

Clean room precesses stondato con ombra piccolo

The Thin Film Technology department, together with our RF Design labs, lead the technological advances made by SIAE MICROLETTRONICA. These divisions are expert in producing nano-metric precision components starting from ceramic, quartz or alluminium substrates. Those substrates become the foundation for building high quality components. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA produces all these product lines in house, including: RF filters, oscillators, and RF Tx/Rx modules. It is hard to imagine a more optimised process for providing high quality microwave equipment, than an integrated production line from substrate to radio terminal.

Clean room quality control stondato con ombra piccolo

A dedicated quality procedure is applied to all of the activities of the technological department in order to ensure the correct accuracies required by the millimetric frequency applications of the V,E,W-bands are achieved: Nano-Metric accuracy for sputtered layer (one in five unit test) Micro-Metric accuracy for chip and wire process (100% inline dimension automatic test) Electrical performance test (100% inline for Tx/Rx and SIPs) Tape and Reel (all SIPs which passed relevant electrical tests are automatically tape and reel assembled)

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