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In House developments of the System in Package "SIP" RF components initially applied the first millimetre wave radio operating at 80Ghz with Gigabit capacity.

Although not directly involved in antenna manufacturing, the Company and Polytechnic University of Milan patented in 2011 a dielectric antenna for mm-wave communications based on a novel design aimed at reducing the overall size, whose application targeted small form factor radio equipments.The visual impact of transceivers began in those years to earn importance for the deployment of urban links, where the existing environment should be affected as little as possible by access stations and backhauling transceivers with their antennas.

In 2013 the company entered the millimeter-wave market with its full-outdoor transceivers in E-Band. In 2014, the product portfolio included also V band radios for small cell backhaul and NLOS solutions for urban communications which may benefit from exploiting reflections on buildings in order to increase coverage. A new network monitoring software was also released in 2014 to offer enhanced features to network operators for managing and evaluating aggregated performances, which are gaining more and more relevance as key figures in the assessment of traffic bottlenecks and overall behavior of a complex network.


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