SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, with a profitable presence in a very competitive industry since 1958, has always trusted in the ideals of its founder Ing. Edoardo Mascetti, which implied and is continuing to imply a strong recognition of the professional value of each employee but also his/her ethical responsibility with the aim to be rightly involved in a company’s environment in which the human being comes first the worker. This approach has led to a strong identification of every employee in the company SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, pushing also its managers to make choices that put into the foreground the safety, the quality and the continuity, which are essential values of the of SIAE in the market.

The decree no. 231 dated June 8th, 2001 (Decree) revolutionized the Italian legal system with an "administrative" liability regime for the legal entities in case of crimes specifically provided by this Decree. This legislation provides a direct responsibility of the legal entities in case their representatives, managers and employees commit such crimes in the interest or for the benefit of the legal entities themselves.

More precisely the Decree provides against the company sanctions that affect the company’s assets and the exclusion from the business relationship with the Public Administration.

The approval of the decree was welcomed by SIAE MICROELETTRONICA. Indeed SIAE has found in the text of the Decree a common ground with the values promoted by its incorporation such as transparency, loyalty and fairness in the business.

To ensure a business management in accordance with these values, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA has therefore adopted a The Organizational, Management and Supervisory Model (Model) and has appointed an independent Compliance Committee.

The Compliance Committee is the primary reference point on the Model and its mission is monitoring the proper implementation of the Model and its updating, throughout:
- daily assessment that the risk profiles of the SIAE MICROELETTRONICA are always effectively limited and monitored by clear business processes and shared with the entire workforce, proposing to the internal stakeholders the eventual appropriate corrective actions;
- The implementation of actions in order to share the values of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA with all its stakeholders, so that SIAE avoids any attempt to commit a “Compliance crime” which unlawfully involving SIAE.
The Compliance Committee of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is available for everyone needs any clarifications on the Corporate Compliance items: for this purpose, you may contact the Compliance Committee by mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

These channels may be used to claim any violations to the Model with the guarantee of absolute confidentiality of the content’s communication and the identity of who make the communication.

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