Fixed Mobile Convergence


Consumer and Corporate data consumption has been growing exponentially during these years affecting both mobile networks access (3G/4G) and fixed ones (Wi-Fi, DSL, Fiber). This increased capacity demand, heavily affects the whole network infrastructure.
At the same time Fixed and Mobile networks are converging, offering a full set of services to the final user. Networks are evolving and new technologies are becoming available to improve capacity, reliability and address new applications. Backhauling is becoming more articulated thanks to higher network capillarity, full outdoor solutions are more and more adopted including the millimetre wave technologies. Networking and interworking is more critical than ever.

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is able to provide a state-of-the-art solution portfolio for a fast and reliable backhauling of these network scenarios, addressing any mobile or fixed network needs.

Our solutions can be categorised in three macro areas:


backhauling littleFast rollout in a cost effective solution is what microwave technology offers to mobile backhaul network, complementing the fibre network, or replacing it where appropriate. Accommodating different technology in a single seamless backhaul network offers operators the chance to smoothly evolve their transport infrastructure as the access network evolves.

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SC littleIn small cell scenarios the access, the backhaul, the network design and the deployment services are closely linked together. Changes on one of these aspects have direct repercussions on the others. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA believes that the offering of these as a single package is the best approach to a successful deployment and operation of small cells for a mobile network operator.


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Microwave Adaptive Proposition pictureSIAE MICROELETTRONICA believes in improving the packet network performances. A better integration between packet microwave and the surrounding IP network offers big advantages in terms of:

    • Better usage of existing network and existing bandwidth
    • Better end to end networking for a homogeneous network behaviour
    • Better monetization and network usage by diminishing cost per bit

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our value proposition

Thanks to a complete portfolio of solutions we’re able to address the entire backhauling application, ranging from small cells to long haul with multi-gigabit capacities and carrier class reliability.
We’re the ideal partner for migration from legacy TDM oriented traffic (both PDH and SDH) towards Full IP data transport. The actual solution you'll choose will evolve together with your Network, already being updated and MEF certified for all Carrier Ethernet services required by 4G/ LTE Network deployment.
Furthermore the inclusion of millimeter wave and sub 6Ghz solutions in the portfolio complementing the traditional microwave and the full outdoor equipment makes any deployment viable.
With SIAE MICROELETTRONICA you will face a smooth, fast and effective evolution. This is revolutionary.