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SIAE MICROELETTRONICA announces North American availability of backhaul solutions

RF multicore technology of ALFOPlus2 enables multi-gigabit wireless transmissions at microwave frequency bands for next-generation carrier and enterprise networks

AS VEGAS, NV (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 08, 2015 - SIAE MICROELECTTRONICA, Inc. a leading supplier and innovator of licensed microwave backhaul solutions announced today the availability of its newest microwave system, ALFOPlus2 for carriers, service providers and enterprise networks in North America. With the evolution of mobile networks to 4G & LTE and upcoming 5G networks, carriers and mobile operators demand forward looking solutions that will provide the best TCO while boosting capacity and availability of the network.

SIAE MICROELECTTRONICA’s highly innovative platform, ALFOPlus2 achieves the highest throughput available today in a single-all-outdoor microwave solution through the use of RF multi-core technology combined with highly efficient 4096QAM modulation. Supporting RF channel bandwidths from 20 MHz to 80 MHz (FCC) or 14 MHz to 112 MHz (ETSI), ALFOPlus2 yields unprecedented capacity of 2 to 4 Gbps depending on configuration. With integrated XPIC capability, ALFOPlus2 yields flexibility in link planning for congested networks while its unique RF branching system offers simplicity in implementing complex microwave links. Bolstered by an integrated multi-port gigabit Ethernet switch supporting 12k jumbo frames, ALFOPlus2 is an MEF-certified Carrier-Ethernet platform featuring 802.1p QoS along with hierarchical QoS (HQoS), 802.1q VLAN along with Ethernet OAM per 802.1ag, 802.3ah and Y.1731 and Synchronous Ethernet support per 1588v2 T-BC.

The increased number of application segments demands unique microwave technologies in order to address each of the segments in an effective and efficient way. This scenario yields a higher complexity in microwave portfolio, a challenge for the consistency of the overall network solution. ALFOPlus2 is based on the adoption of Unified Product Architecture, a common Ethernet hardware and software platform through all new generation products including our ALFOPlus80HD and AGS20 systems. SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s SM-OS Single Operating system, common to all product platforms, accelerates the distribution of new carrier grade features throughout the network. It guarantees consistent behavior and operational capacity for the entire portfolio. The benefit to the operator is commonality in user experience with the equipment, lowering training costs and implementation schedules.

“Carriers and service providers today, are demanding higher throughput solutions capable of meeting their stringent requirements for performance, while exceeding expectations of TCO and availability” said Augustino Lucenti, Vice-President of North American Sales for SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Inc. “Our new ALFOPlus2 facilitates these needs with a highly-integrated and cost-effective backhaul solution that we are proud to bring to North America”.

Join us in Las Vegas September 9, 10 & 11 for CTIA Super Mobility 2015, the Western Hemisphere’s largest and most influential forum focused on mobile innovation. Powered by CTIA, this springboard event brings together 35,000+ professionals from across the new mobile landscape for an interactive look at what’s ahead. In conjunction with our strategic partner, CitiSite, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA will present its portfolio of advanced microwave solutions including the new ALFOplus2 RF multi-core system.

Please visit us at CitiSite Corporation stand, Booth: 3832. For more information about the event


SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, founded in 1952, is a leader in wireless communication technology. Present in over 25 countries it offers to national and multinational operators advanced technological solution in microwave and millimetre wave transport, services and design. With in-house advances RF capabilities from design to industrialization SIAE MICROELETTRONICA products bring innovation to the market satisfying the ever-changing market requirements and customers need. For more information:

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