Products & Services

Since 1952, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA has been designing and producing state-of-the-art microwave radio links and providing all of the related professional services. Our joint R&D and Production activities, most advanced component design and offering the highest expert support to our customers, makes SIAE MICROELETTRONICA the most trustable partner for building and growing your network.


  • Telecommunication systems esteso e smussato

    TelecommunicationS systems

    The Technological heart of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is providing a complete set of Carrier grade, state-of-the-art microwave radio links up to 80GHz, flexible Networking & Multiplexer Systems and multi-platform comprehensive NMS products.
    We are  your ideal partner for building and growing your network for the future.

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    global services

    As the race to deploy LTE networks worldwide intensifies, our equipment is already fully ‘LTE ready’, and we also offer the full range of turnkey deployment services that enables operators to achieve the desired competitive advantage. This ‘One Stop Shop’ facility is available to support our customers to lead the market today.

  • Technologies and sub systems esteso e stondato

    technologies & Manufacturing

    SIAE MICROELETTRONICA is very proud of its highly skilled RF design department and  advanced laboratory facilities, with over 25 years experience in microwave circuits productions and high quality thin film customisations. This division is the leader in the production of ceramic, glass, quartz or nitride aluminium substrates using sputtering deposition.

  • Siae labs  esteso e smussato siae MICROELETTRONICA labs

    SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Labs is our R&D customer facing organisation that provides the foundation for SIAE MICROELETTRONICA's technological development, and supports our customers for any in-depth technical matter that requires expert knowledge in a specific domain.SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Labs provides the most experienced senior R&D engineers and a dedicated Laboratory facility available for our customers.