Clean room processes

Clean room processes stondato con ombra

All the processes are rolled out in strictly controlled environments (class 10,000 clean rooms and class 100 laminar flow benches) in order to ensure the quality level of the nano-metric accuracy needed for high frequency Thin Film Technology. The Thin Film Technology process includes a multitude of refined steps starting from mask design to the final high quality components.
This process includes the following:

  • Sputtering (Tantalum, Nickel, Palladium)
  • Photolithography (UV based)
  • Gold Electroplating
  • Wet and Dry Etching
  • Diamond Blade Circuit Dacing
  • Chip and Wire process

The fully automated chip and wire process can guarantee micro-metric accuracy from glue dispensing, pick-and-place under video pattern recognition, and precision bonding suitable for applications up to W-Band.