Clean Room Quality Control

Clean room quality control stondato e con ombra

The quality levels and the production yields are maintained through in-depth control of all parameters in the technological lines:

  • Substrates Cleanliness : before and after sputtering process all substrates are plasma cleaned
  • Components Cleanliness: before and after the chip and wire activities pieces are plasma cleaned   

A dedicated quality procedure is applied to all of the activities of the technological department in order to ensure the correct accuracies required by the millimetric frequency applications of the V,E and W-bands are achieved:

  • Nano-Metric accuracy for sputtered layers (one in five unit test)
  • Micro-Metric accuracy for chip and wire process  (100% inline dimension automatic test)
  • Electrical performance test (100% inline for Tx/Rx and SIPs)
  • Tape and Reel (all SIPs which passed relevant electrical tests are automatically tape and reel assembled)