Microwave Product Portfolio




The evolutions of the RAN are the main driver for changes in microwave products, like LTE requiring increased throughput and densification of the network, Small Cell and Cloud-RAN. These changes lead to new technologies in microwave industry to improve capacity by using complex modulation formats, dual carrier solutions, using new spectrum (60 GHz, 80 GHz) and to improve network density at street level with NLOS sub 6 GHz.

AGS20 is the unique universal aggregation platform to address all these new application segments in a coherent solution.



Microwave radio always played a key role in mobile backhauling, becoming the predominant technology in use. With the evolution of mobile technology, microwave radio has evolved to fit those requirements, always offering new and innovative way to enable fast RAN deployments.
ALFOplus2 is the next generation 2/4Gbps full outdoor solution to enable successful launch of LTE, by providing best TCO while boosting capacity and availability of the network.

ALFOplus2 the RF Multicore solution


Backhaul network requires a transport solution with great flexibility to support multiple access technologies.
ALS Series provides Native IP, Native PDH and SDH connections to address in a single equipment solution all traffic needs. It covers any market segment ranging from cost-sensitive applications to advanced network implementations in which high capacities, complex protection schemes and excellent reliability are mandatory.

ALS, 4 to 42 GHz microwave system packet and hybrid configuration.


Whether in mobile, fix or private networks the E-band millimetre wave represents a new fundamental technology tool bridging the gap between fibre high capacity systems and flexible cost effective wireless transmission. Fibre like capacity, highest deployment flexibility and homogeneous operational behaviour as traditional microwave, allows operators to fully liaise on existing knowledge and skills, minimizing the introduction costs, while modernizing the transport network.

ALFOplus80HD, 2,5GHbps E-band full outdoor solution


It’s an IP/Hybrid high capacity microwave radio system designed for trunk, long haul links. Thanks to its multiple channels it offers the right solution for high capacity wireless transport infrastructure. Suitable in multiple applications, from wireless backbone, spur and fibre
back-up, reaching critical locations giving connectivity over water and over mountains that other transport media would fail to reach.

TL the trunk link IP/Hybrid



The need of high capacity connectivity within a small urban area is a new driver appearing both in Mobile networks with the launch of small cell as well as in Industry and Private Sector (IPS) connecting multiple hotspots or campus/building interconnections. EasyCell is a family of products comprising of sub 6GHz, ptp and pmp connectivity, with True-NLOS as well as millimetre wave 60GHz ptp high capacity connectivity, offering the best solution for urban canyon connectivity.


ALFOplus is a Full-Outdoor, full IP Next Generation Microwave Radio. Its zero footprint solution allows for fast rollout of 3G and LTE full IP backhaul network. Ideal for a fast and flexible evolution towards full IP networks it offers best in class performances and lowest power consumption for a green but performing network.


ALFOplus, high capacity IP Ethernet full outdoor


SM-OS is the common Operating System powering all our MW products. This concept is now paramount to any portfolio that aims to satisfy the transport needs. SM-OS guarantees seamless operational behaviour in all mechanical arrangements, either split-mount, full outdoor or aggregating platforms.