ALFOplus series

Titolo ALFOplus 2

ALFOplus is a Full Outdoor, Full IP Next Generation Microwave Radio. ALFOplus is a zero footprint, highly cost effective solution, fully compatible with 3G, 4G and  LTE nodes, and the ideal solution for a fast and flexible evolution towards full IP networks with the highest radio capacity and performance. With its advanced Ethernet features and complete synchronization management (SyncE and 1588v2), ALFOplus is a state-of-the-art IP radio, providing the foundation for a leading edge network. SIAE produce RF components with Best-in-class system gain across all the frequency bands andadopt the latest technological developments to achieving the highest MTBF figures and the lowest power consumption available on the market.


    • FREQUENCY BANDS: 4 GHz → 42 GHz. ETSI and FCC standards plus 17GHz and 24GHz (unlicensed)
    • MODULATION SCHEMES: from 4QAM up to 1024 QAM.
    • TECHNOLOGIES: High Integrated Base-Band MCICS technology
    • CONFIGURATIONS: Unprotected, HSTBY, N+0
    • TDM CAPACITY RANGE: Upto 160xE1 Using PWE3
    • ETHERNET THROUGHPUT RANGE: 4 Mbit/s → 2 Gbps
    • ADVANCED DSP : Channel Digital Pre distortion, Equalizer and Packet Header Compression
    • TRIBUTARY INTERFACES: Multiport Gigabit switch (electrical/optical)
    • ARCHITECTURES: Full IP on  Single Board, full outdoor form factor.
    • OUTDOOR ARRANGEMENTS: External or integrated low profile, high performance antenna systems
    • MANAGEMENT OPTIONS: Linux or Unix based NMS, HTML based local access (no flash needed)


    • Any G-Mobile backhaul for Access and Aggregation
    • Emergency wireless links
    • ISP High Capacity LAN to LAN connections
    • Last mile fibreextension for business customers
    • Complementary solutions for fibre deployments/Ethernet Extension
    • Zero footprint applications