10 Gbps
E-Band Full Outdoor

ALFOplus80 2


ALFOplus80 HDX 2



Whether in mobile, fix or private networks the E-band millimetre wave represents a new fundamental technology tool bridging the gap between fibre high capacity systems and flexible cost effective wireless transmission. Fibre like capacity, highest deployment flexibility and homogeneous operational behaviour as traditional microwave, allows operators to liaise fully on existing knowledge and skills, minimizing the introduction costs, while modernizing the transport network.

Why using the ALFOplus80HD and ALFOplus80HDX millimetre wave 70/80GHz solution

    • Field proven solution in mobile backhaul networks

    • Fibre like capacity up to 10Gbps Ethernet in a single transceiver

    • Cheaper, faster time to service and roll out than urban fibre in urban environments

    • Full IP solution in full outdoor configuration

    • Capable of supporting legacy services while connected to the AGS20

    • Single 10Gbps optical cable interconnection

    • AES 128/256 Traffic Encryption

    • SM-OS based platform

    • Hybrid Link Configuratyion support Read More Here

Read Press Release of TIM Brazil

Read Press Release of Pacific Communications

Read Press Release of MTS deployment


-ALFOplus80 leaflet
-ALFOplus80 leaflet US

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