Software Defined Networks

A new business model is appearing at the horizon. This offers major changes to the advantage of a highly flexible network solution, where services will be set up and made live with unparalleled speed. Boosting time to service and revenue generation for the operators as never before. Although this model will impact transport only in a long while, product readiness are already at hand.

The Software Defined Networks (SDN) model offers a different networks, aiming to a “service centric” approach where the network is instrumental to the service delivery. Centralization of control plane functionalities in common controllers and orchestrators allow for this flexibility. SDN represents a great opportunity for operators to free themselves from the incumbency of a technology or dominant vendor, thanks to the promise of a real multi-vendor and multi-layer interworking paradigm

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA SM-OS based microwave radio platforms are natively supporting SDN protocols, infomodels and architecture, facilitating the evolution toward SDN while protecting the investments already made in the current working networks. With a common operating system to all platforms, split mount and full outdoor alike, the SM-OS portfolio is ready to enable SDN throughout the transport network, allowing operators to maintain the current operational model for as long as needed, and migrate toward SDN in phases whenever the service evolution demands it.

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SDN paradigm


  • SIAE MICROELETTRONICA has been one of the driving company in the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) Industry's First Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept.

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