Next Generation Split Mount Radio

AGS20 is the next Generation Indoor Unit for split Mount Radio, capable of addressing traditional split mount application with multiple IF radio, as well as aggregation of multiple all out door radio solutions, or a mix of the solutions. The indoor unit has different hardware variants to satisfy deployments from the highest compact solutions, to a modular fully redundant and easily scalable unit. Equipped with high capacity switch and multiple 10GbE ports AGS20 satisfies heavy duty sites. AGS20 IDU is equipped with a packet engine addressing MEF2.0 and IP/MPL services, with field proven records, including distribution of frequency and phase through the packet network.

AGS20 Split Mount Platform Family

AGS20 Integrated single unit Up to 4xIF integrated ports.
Up to 2x10GbEth ports.
1RU Optimized configuration
AGS20L 2RU Modular unit 2 RU high,
8 modular slots
Up to 8xIF ports
Up to 8x10GbEth ports protected
100Gb switching matrix
Full hardware protection
AGS20M Single unit, with drawer expansion slot Up to 4xIF
6xGbE and 4x10GbEth ports
10GBE expansion slot
ASNK 4096QAM, 112MHz channel, 10W power One of the most compact units with <2L volume and 10W power consumption, benchmarking solution.

ASNK ODU Extended Product Family

ASNK D Dual Carrier
4096QAM,112MHz Channel
One of the most compact units with <2L volume now supporting dual carrier configuration for 2GBPS transport capacity in a single unit (ACCP)
ASNK Q Quad Carrier
4096QAM,112MHz Channel
Highly compact solution
supporting up to 4 carrier configuration for 4Gb
transport capacity in a single
ASNK HP High Power
4096QAM,112MHz Channel, +3dB
Offering extra power compared to the standard
ASNK for higher system gain performances
ASNK UHP Ultra High Power
4096QAM,112MHz Channel, +6dB
Offering extra power compared to the standard ASNK for extended performances.
ASNKD FL High power dual carrier ODUs for trunking applications,
2048 QAM, 80 MHz Channel
Filter less ODU for long-haul, high-capacity microwave applications
SPLIT AND INDOOR Dual Mechanical Arrangement Offering modular and flexible configurations for evolving complex sites

AGS20 Series characterizing features:

  • Fully flexible architecture with multiple variants
  • MAB support optimizing packet transport network performances (ITU-T Y.1731 ETH-BN)
  • AES 128/256 encryption protocol
  • Multi carrier aggregation with ALFOplus80HD/ ALFOplus80HDX
  • Multiple 10Gb Ethernet ports
  • TDM traffic Native and Circuit Emulated PWE3 support
  • Multilayer header compression
  • LTE/LTE-A field proven
  • 5G validated (read more)

Purpose built ODU:

  • All supporting 4096QAM modulation scheme
  • All supporting 112MHz channel spacing support
  • Single, dual and quad carrier variants
  • Standard, High Power and Ultra High Power variants
  • Extended system gain for better performances

Long Haul ODU:

  • Dual Carrier
  • Modulation up to 2048 QAM
  • From 6 to 11 GHz bands
  • Only two variant for high and low semi-band
  • Up to 16 channels in cross-polar in either full outdoor or all-indoor configuration
  • Two OBU (Outdoor Branching Unit) variants for split mount for 2 and 4 ODUs

Video Resources

System Gain part 1: basics

System Gain part 2: +46% capacity

SM-OS based platform

  • MEF 2.0 – Carrier Ethernet Services
  • IP/MPLS – L2/L3 VPN Services
  • Synch and phase distribution according to ITU standard
  • In-service software upgrade

L3 Microwave Platform - benefit of integrated IP/MPLS


  • Reduces Equipment on-site
  • Simplifies operations
  • Speed-up service set up
  • Reduces CAPEX investment of 40%
  • Reduces power consumption
  • LTE-A compliant


  • L2/L3 VPN, VPLS service support
  • Mesh topology support
  • Dual MW and Fibre transport awareness
  • Single CT/NMS supervision system
  • Interoperability with existing router solutions
  • SDN Orchestration
  • EANTC interoperable tested

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