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Whatever is your challenge, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA brings 60 years extensive experience to serve the entire network lifecycle width a full range of tailor made services that fits the customer needs.

SIAE MICROELETTRONICA offer an outstanding capability in the market and valuable team of qualified engineers to deliver effective and cost optimized turnkey solutions. No frills.

You can benefit of SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s wide experience to design, build, maintain and optimize networks successfully.

From Network Design and Site Engineering to Project Implementation, CARE Support and Optimization Solutions learn more about our comprehensive range of global services.

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Plan & Design


Deploy & Integrate


Mantain & Support


Manage & Optimize


Educate & Develop


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From Professional Consulting to complete Network Design SIAE MICROELETTRONICA bring 60 years extensive experience in design telecom networks and deliver Planning Solutions in the transport domain, wireless and wired.

A worldwide team of qualified experts who have gained extensive knowledge in telecom network and radio propagation to design best practice solutions on:

  • Link budget calculations, RF planning and intra-system interference reduction
  • Network Topology design
  • Capacity dimensioning, TDM and Packet traffic planning, QoS, Synchronisation, etc.
  • High Level and Low Level Planning and interoperability guidelines
  • Complete and multi-vendor DCN planning

0000 deploy-and-integrate



SIAE MICROELETTRONICA has strong and proven capability in Network Implementation to build and integrate networks efficiently. From Site Engineering to Turn-Key deployment projects we design, build and deliver networks successfully around the world in time, with quality and in budget.

  • Site Acquisition, Design and Construction (ADC)
  • Survey, LOS, RF Scan
  • Multivendor Equipment Installation & Commissioning
  • Traffic Provisioning, Integration and Migration
  • Decommissioning and Dismantling
  • Logistic and Warehousing
  • Turn Key Project Management
  • Site Quality Audit
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), Customer Validation

 0004 maintenance-and-support



We CARE about your network with full range of 24/7 Technical Support and Maintenance Services to protect customer assets and assure networks are fully operational and always updated with the latest software releases.

  • Preventive and Reactive Field Maintenance
  • L2 and L3 Remote Technical Assistance
  • Fault Analysis and Error Resolution
  • Software Maintenance Updates
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Extended Warranty Programs
  • Advance Replacement and Spare Parts Management
  • Software Assurance Programs






SIAE MICROELETTRONICA offer a valuable approach in Network Assessment and Performance Optimization delivering solutions able to maximize network performances keeping budget under control.

Tailor-made project solutions designed exclusively for your business needs:

  • iVeritas Network Assessment and Optimization
  • DCN Reconfiguration and Migration
  • Transport Network Renewal and Re-engineering
  • Network Software Upgrade






SIAE MICROELETTRONICA offer a wide range of training solutions, always tailored on customer needs and budget spending: from classroom courses in our renewed HQ Training Center to remote enabling, learn more about our training services

  • HQ Training Center and Test Beds for practical sessions
  • Classroom Courses at Customer premises with Remote Labs
  • 24/7 online Learning Portal
  • Partner Certification Programs

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