Siae labs  esteso e smussato

Inside the Company, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Labs is the place where innovation and technology meet and where new products are born from a simple idea or intuition.
Within SIAE MICROELETTRONICA, the Labs is an organisation exclusively dedicated  to our customer base. SIAE Labs is composed of our best R&D engineers with proven excellence in specific technical domains (e.g. Microelectronics, Advanced Microwaves Circuits, Network and Radio Planning, etc...)

A specific need, concept or even a simple idea can be extensively discussed and developed within SIAE Labs. This is the breeding place for new technology, where the rules of science are challenged, and new concepts can become reality.

Even more than a place for brainstorming and development, SIAE Labs also offers the support for our customers needing to conduct feasibility studies, specific tests on equipment, Proof of Concept or Inter Operability Tests. For these activities, SIAE Labs has dedicated facilities, located in SIAE MICROELETTRONICA Headquarters, in Milan, with a complete set of equipment and test benches.