Manufacturing stondato  con ombra

Module assembly yields are particularly affected by the cleanliness of the parts to be put together, so that plasma cleaning of the printed substrate on which the devices should be attached is the first step in the manufacturing process.
The attachment is done through selective high precision dispensing of electrically/thermally conductive glue followed by the video controlled pick-and-place phase.
The achieved positioning accuracy is suitable for frequencies up to and above 100 GHz.
After the attachment phase, all modules are passed through a second, less aggressive, plasma cleaning to improve yield in the following step of wire bonding.
Typically only gold wires or gold ribbons are used with processes including ball-bonding through ribbon edge bonding.
The bond positioning to the relevant bonding pads is controlled by means of video pattern recognition.
To guarantee effectiveness of the bonding, an in line pull test is automatically performed daily at the beginning of every production cycle; furthermore each bonding is video inspected to monitor metal strain at the gold/gold interphase.
The manufacturing activity is completed with module cover positioning and sealing.
Under request the assembled modules can be in line 100% electrically tested. The passed units can be   assembled in tape and reel for automatic installation in the final equipment.