Networking & Multiplexer systems

ADM Series

ADM con trasparenza 3

SDH Add Drop Multiplexers

To complement SIAE’s SDH equipment catalogue, the ADM has been developed and built with a state-of-the-art modular design to provide the scalabilty and flexibility required in order to perfectly match any service needs and provide a wide set of customer interfaces.
Wide set of interfaces, protection schemes and supported Network topologies:

  • Up to 16xSTM-1 aggregation capacity, full no-blocking cross-connection
  • Full SW Programmability
  • Extremely low power consumption (<20W per 1RU)
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FAM Series

FAM con trasparenza 3Flexible Access Multiplexers

The FAM Series is the primary Multiplexer product family to complement and complete SIAE’s TDM equipment catalogue, and provides the widest variety of tributary interfaces aggregated onto E1 PDH traffic. With a modular design, highly flexible configurations and complete provisioning and services management, it is extremely user friendly.



  • Both, protected and unprotected configurations, (protection MSP, Ring, Equipment, Power)
  • Up to 64xE1/64xT1 interfaces interfaces
  • Full no-blocking Cross-Connection Matrix
  • Full SW Programmability


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IP Box Series

IP BOX con trasparenza 1DCN Routers

Designed for extending an IP/OSI Network through a legacy PDH Network, SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s IP BOX can be used to expand DCN based on IP/OSI crossing a legacy TDM-only Network region. In addition, it can also used as a Bridge (L2) or as a Router (R3) connecting two subnetworks. The IP Box is available in two form factors: a small “desk” box or in a one RU 19” sub-rack, in which up to three units can be used.


  • Up to Nx64 Kbps Router Capacity (N=1...6)
  • Up to Nx64 Kbps Bridge Capacity (N=1...31)
  • WAN and LAN interfaces
  • No Single Point of Failure traffic protection
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