Microwave systems

ALS series

ALS con trasparenza 34-42 GHz IP / SDH / PDH

ALS Series is the ideal microwave system for network migration providing high capacity connectivity with both Full IP and Native TDM transmission. Being fully programmable, it meets any transmission needs, starting from legacy PDH and SDH traffic and evolving towards full Gigabit Ethernet and PWE3 with single Hardware. With the ALS Series, flexibility, high capacity (XPIC/2+0) and high reliability (1+0, protected 1+1HSB/SD/FD) are delivered in a single 1RU Indoor Unit.

  • 1024 QAM Adaptive Modulation and coding
  • Full implementation of MEF certified Ethernet services
  • Embedded sub 50msec Ethernet and TDM protection
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ALFOplus series

ALFOplus con trasparenza 17-42 GHz IP Ethernet Full Outdoor

ALFOplus is the zero footprint Full Outdoor, next generation IP radio, designed to target the highest capacity requirements at the minimum cost. Ideal in all IP deployments, ALFOplus provides up to 1Gbps throughput with an unbeatable price per bit.


  • Zero-Footprint
  • 1024 QAM Adaptive Modulation and Coding
  • Embedded G.8032 for all-outdoor microwave rings
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ALFOplus80 series

ALFO80 Trasparenza170/80 GHz  2.5 Gbps E-Band Full Outdoor

ALFOplus80 is the Carrier Grade, MultiGigabit, Full Outdoor E-Band radio designed as the ultra cost-effective alternative to fibre deployment.
2.5Gbps net throughput is available to transport native IP traffic or legacy STM-1 and E1 interfaces.

  • Up to 64QAM, 250/500/1000 MHz channel plan
  • Fibre-like behaviour with 5 microsecond latency (ideal for CPRI transport)
  • Adaptive Code, Adaptive Modulation and Adaptive Bandwidth Rate to maximise system gain
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TL series

TL con trasparenza 94-13 GHz   Trunk Link  IP / SDH

TL is the Full Indoor, trunking radio for extreme long-haul radio links. Developed to support transport of STM-1 and native IP traffic, the TrunkLink offers best-in-class system gain and the most sophisticated protection schemes.

  • Market leading rack density with 16 channels/rack
  • Adaptive modulation from 4QAM to 512QAM
  • Universal High power transceiver per each band supporting XPIC & SD
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